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Re: Crazy White People

Postby Donald Goines » Wed Oct 28, 2015 10:11 am

One ugly ass house in one ugly ass neighborhood even has a website.

Crazy crazy crazy.

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Re: Crazy White People

Postby guest » Wed Oct 28, 2015 1:53 pm

Donald Goines wrote:One ugly ass house in one ugly ass neighborhood even has a website.

Crazy crazy crazy.

To Thomas Gardner’s own admission, the architects “were no sociologists”.

Hell, they weren't even architects.

Many people applied, but the most worthy was ultimately selected.

Only the worthiest of the worthy need apply.

After only a few months, the home became neglected of basic maintenance, pet feces piled up, the lawn was not maintained...

Worthy?, yes; Responsible?, not so much, but just think what would have become of the place in the hands of an unworthy tenant.

It was then donated to Motor City Blight Busters. Seemingly outside of their scope of work and geographic area...

Too blighted? Not blighted enough? Too much in the middle of the Motor City? Too east of center?

So it got flipped. And flipped, And flipped some more until they found a mark, er, I mean an investor who purchased Chez Aubin as part of a package.

She paid $600,000 for the whole lot, or $10,000 per house.

Sounds like a deal...ANYWHERE BUT DETROIT!!!

He went through three 30 yard dumpsters...

A 900 square foot dwelling, correct? So much for that conservation of mass thing.

This Cranbrook connection makes sense. It's among the most respected graduate art programs in the country, but as far as I can see it's really just people fucking around and wasting money. A few years ago I went to a Cranbrook graduate dissertation exhibition at MOCAD. They had furniture, the kind of impractical pieces that fine art furniture makers come up with, and it didn't take much looking to see peeling veneer, missed cuts, etc. No, if you're going to make art furniture it better fucking be perfect, or least built at a level of execution that would pass at Art Van. As for the non-sociologist and wannabe architects, well, Things You Expect to Hear.
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