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Re: Athletes behaving badly

Postby The Suburban Avenger » Tue Feb 09, 2016 5:36 pm

Shark wrote:
Delmon Young was arrested and charged with battery after he choked and threatened to kill a valet attendant on Sunday night in Miami.

According to a police report, Young grabbed the attendant’s neck and began to choke him after the attendant did not allow him into an elevator to a club at the Brickell hotel. The report also stated that Young yelled racial slurs at the attendant.

At least he didn't yell anything anti-Semitic.
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Re: Athletes behaving badly

Postby Ansel Rakestraw » Tue Mar 29, 2016 5:05 pm

I didn't know where else to put this but here.

Some of you may recall the Morris / Schembechler incident. I had forgotten about it until I read the obituary and then recalled being impressed at the time by the intern taking on two local heroes and being impressed by the Freep standing up for her. Unfortunately, for the last several years she has been fighting her own inner demons. ... story.html

In a random bit of life, for the last few years, Jennifer's daughter Ryan has been living with her bachelor uncle, one of the brothers mentioned in the piece. Said uncle is a work colleague / occasional drinking partner. The uncle has done a phenomenal job of raising a teenage girl. For example, he taught her acoustic guitar and then browbeat a group of us in coming out to cheer her on at her first open mic night at age 15 to help her build confidence in her skills. We did it happily. He has done the kind of things that make you ask yourself whether you would have the fortitude, skills and compassion to step up as ably. Solid, solid guy.

I had no idea who her mother was until the uncle shared the obituary. Dude is gutted as one would expect.
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